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ซื้อสินค้า โต๊ะต่อบล็อค ตัวต่อ เลโก้ Lego พร้อมเก้าอี๊ 2in1 Construction Table Set ออนไลน์กับลาซาด้า รับโปรโมชั่นและส่วนลดพิเศษ และ ฟรีค่าจัดส่ง รู้ใจเราเข้าใจลูก - นพ.สุรเกียรติ อาชานานุภาพ - Google หนังสือ
This Handbook was originally written at the request of the Central Intelligence Agency (or was it?), says Kryzhanovsky, a master of deception who claims 30 years' experience in the intelligence services of the USSR - and of the United States. Now his handbook is being published, with added chapters for the benefit of the broader public, so that people worldwide can learn from his insightful deconstruction of the cynical power plays by which the world is ruled today. Here is the book the President of the United States turns to the first day he steps through the door to the Oval Office and closes only as he walks out for the last time. In fact, the strategies and mindset recommended in these pages are essential tools for capturing the Presidency, much less wielding it. The author swears it's not a parody - and indeed, if it is, then life imitates art, for the international scene today is either a madhouse or the product of extraordinarily cynical techniques such as these, applied with cold cunning, by our nation's leaders. Which is it? This book gives a systematic rundown of the powers of the President, and the practical techniques of political influence, espionage, and special operations. A rational, results-based handbook, it is destined to be a secret favorite of politicians, special services agents, CEOs and corporate boards - and those who have to work with them - for the next hundred years to come. * Mykhaylo Kryzhanovsky was born in 1958 in Ukraine. He graduated from Chernovtsy University (BS in languages) and received an extraordinary specialized education at Ivano-Frankovsk University of Social Studies, military college, the KGB counter-espionage school and the KGB IntelligenceInstitute. He was involved in secret operations since 1978, and later served as a USSR intelligence officer, and a member of "Nabat" (the Bell), the KGB's top secret anti-terror group. He was a senior intelligence officer and a top US government expert with the National Security Service of Ukraine (NSS). His outstanding record of producing up to 20 top-secret government intelligence reports (coded telegrams) a year made him the most productive spy in KGB history, and he reckons that his 30-year espionage career in Russia and the USA makes him one of the top spies alive today. In 1992 as an NSS officer he managed an illegal espionage station in Moscow, Russia, and planned to substitute a stand-in or double for Russian President Boris Yeltsin, who was the greatest threat to Ukraine at the time. There was a leak, and Yeltsin impelled Ukrainian President Kravchuk to sign a secret agreement ending mutual espionage. Fearing that he was about to be liquidated, in 1995 Kryzhanovsky came to the United States. Needless to say, he was warmly greeted in Langley, VA. Another KGB officer, Vladimir Putin, a former FSB (Russian counter-espionage service) chief, used his plan and substituted a double for Yeltsin in 2000.

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